Kikani Exports deliver an outstanding quality in services well articulated by a systematic process of delivery to its customers: Product Development Kikani Exports nurtures the best product development team amongst its peers. All development requests from customers are meticulously pursued and brought to fruitation in quick turnaround timelines. The ability of this team to come up with innovative solutions are legendary. Sourcing Matching a perfect fit between the Customer, Vendor and the Product is the value that Kikani delivers beyond finding products at justifiable price points for the customer. What help also is the in-depth penetration and the ability to deliver optimum price appropriate quality for which customers place the confidence in the company. Production and QC To ensure the best of quality a dedicated technical team follows each order through the production processes until the final shipment. Conformity to contracted terms and specifications are strictly adhered to as a routine. Shipping Appropriate documentation, Post-shipping follow-up until the product reaches destinations of its global customers is a given when customers deal with Kikani Exports. A dedicated team expert in logistic operations ensures that customers receive their goods in time and set to standards requested.